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Pioneers in the manufacturing of Heat Pumps

We are more than a Heat/Cooling Systems company

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EnerPlural started its activities in June 2011. We have begun mainly in the manufacturing of Heat Pumps, Chillers and Condensing Units for commercial freezers.
We also manufacture other stainless steel components needed for the solutions we offer to the market. To point out is also the possibility to manufacture custom-made products or in OEM regime.

At EnerPlural - Energy and Heat/Cooling Systems, we have a mission to develop efficient products and technical solutions. These solutions, must be able to use the big four clean energies at our disposal. With this we mean the energy present in the Air, the Water, the Sun and the Earth.

Certainly like you, we understand the need for a sustainable future. For this, our team works every single day on continuous improvement of our products and solutions for a better future.

Want to know us? Know even more about us? Don't hesitate to contact! And if you'd like to, we are always available to receive you in our facilities.

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Bombas de Calor em Fabrico

Pioneers in the manufacturing of Heat Pumps

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A strong team never sees the end to improvement

Sérgio Louro

CEO / FOunder

Francisco Leitão

Marketing / Sales