Heat Pumps

Do you have a diesel or gas boiler?
Don't use it because of high costs?
Want a quick, simple and eco-friendly replacement?

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Water Heaters

Do you have a good water heating system?
Does your water tank store it efficiently? 
Losing energy is losing money.

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About EnerPlural


At EnerPlural - Energy and Heat/Cooling Systems, we have a mission to develop efficient products and technical solutions. These solutions, must be able to use the big four clean energies at our disposal. With this we mean the energy present in the Air, the Water, the Sun and the Earth.
Certainly like you, we understand the need for a sustainable future. For this, our team works every single day on continuous improvement of our products and solutions for a better future.


Why EnerPlural?


All of our products are manufactured in Portugal with the best German knowledge and technology. Quality is very present in our DNA and because of that, always reflected in our products.


We started producing Heat Pumps because we understand the benefits they bring to our planet. For this and so much more, we always honor the use of eco friendly materials.


Our Heat Pumps have the latest technologies available in the market. This way, we always introduce to our clients the best possible product they can get.

Heat Pumps

Efficient energy, for all

Helping our planet has become a priority. You can help too! By choosing a Heat/Cooling system done throw Heat Pumps you're choosing a greener energy. More efficiency, economy and ecology.
Don't believe it? Check it yourself!