Heat Pumps


A Heat Pump is a machine that extracts heat from side A and transfers it to side B. Since there is no 'cold' but an absence of heat, an ambient temperature of 10ºC, although 'cold' contains significant quantities of energy in the form of heat. This energy can be used for heat/cooling systems. The job of the Pump is to extract this heat from the air / earth and move it into the interior of the house. In the summer the situation can be reversed by extracting the heat from the house to the outside.

Nowaday Heat Pumps are the most efficient equipment for heat/cooling solutions. We can see this by looking at the fact that with a tiny injection of electricity, 3 to 6 times more energy is extracted from the environment.
This type of system has been used for decades in Europe and the trend shows that more and more people are preferring it.
It should be noted that, using only electricity, Heat Pumps do not suffer from the unstoppable increase in the price of fossil fuels, which is rising much faster than electricity.

Yes. 70% of the energy extracted by the Pump comes from mother nature and the rest, considering that it is a machine with electronic components, comes from electrical energy. 
Taking into account, the increase in the share of our electricity consumption from renewable sources and the possibility of having our own production in our homes, it is possible to obtain an heat/cooling solution with virtually zero CO2 emissions, but all the comfort. 

EnerPlural's Multifunction Heat Pumps can, for example, replace a boiler in a DHW and heat/cooling system via radiators. However, these Pumps can also be applied to underfloor heating, refrigerated ceilings and fan coil units.

There really is no exact answer. Each case has different needs. Nevertheless you can always contact us to analyze your needs and suggest the best solution for you.

Bombas de Calor Multifunções


Ideal for Heating / Cooling and Domestic Hot Water

Drinkable Hot Water (DHW)

For those who just want hot water

Swimming Pools

Do you want to have the ideal temperature of water in your pool? Whether chlorinated or salt water, we have the solution!

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